Let’s Do A Makeover!


I have been styling the same Cover Girl Classic Pink blush since I was fourteen.  It’s kind of my thing.  In my journey to improve my health and well-being, I also thought I would makeover my look.  So, I decided to get a Sephora makeover!

To give you a little bit of background on my current situation, it basically consists of what I call grocery store makeup.  I don’t typically go to fancy department stores and get MAC makeup or invest in ridiculously expensive creams for my face.  I think it’s because my Mom doesn’t ever wear makeup and neither do my sisters and I’ve just never ventured out to discover it.  You could say I’m sort of a makeup virgin.  So, this is where the other two of the Three Non Blondes stepped in.  I recently joined them to a visit to Sephora and was immediately overwhelmed, excited and mesmerized by the beautiful palettes, lipstick tubes and rows and rows of colors in that very strategically lit store.  I didn’t pull the trigger then, but the curiosity definitely sat with me for a while.

At Christmas, my unicorn gifted me with a $100 dollar gift card to Sephora and I knew what I would do with it – makeover!!!!

My “Before” look consists of lots of pink blush, sparkly eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss galore.  I may throw in some eye liner every once in a while for a date night but I never, ever experimented with lipstick…and I really wanted to.

DSC01917 copy

My Sephora Makeover...was not what I expected.  It was crazy busy and my beauty consultant was late and then rushed.  I didn’t know what to expect so I agreed to let her take charge and ended up with two inch thick eyebrows and an aged look.  The looks on my friends’s faces was priceless!  I love their honesty.  On the other hand, Kendra walked away with a sweet date night look that looked amazing with her red hair.  Before leaving the store, my friends led me to some of their staple products and I was able to walk away with new toys to play with at home.

Sephora 1
Before my makeover…so excited!
After…Me – sporting crazy eyebrows. Kendra – looking fabulous!

Once I got home, I found myself with tons of new makeup thanks to my new purchase and a TON of donated makeup from Amanda.  I wasn’t sure where to start so I did what every person in my situation would do…I went to YouTube.  There, I found a makeup goddess who calls herself Dacey that I am thinking of following on twitter and instagram because I’m convinced we could be real friends.  After all, her makeup is fierce, flawless and fabulous.  I’ve spent the past week sitting on the couch next to Michael watching her videos and attempting her looks.  Here are my favorites…

YouTube look #1: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Makeover

Sephora Look 1
Fresh look with pink lipstain, subtle blush, and neutral eye shadow

I love this look because it introduced me to lip stains and liquid eye liner.  Here’s the list of products I used to create the look:

  1. Too Faced Melted Lip Stain in Melted Candy
  2. Stila All Day Eyeliner
  3. Urban Decay Naked Eye Palette in Virgin, Sin and Toasted
  4. Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Banana
  5. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

YouTube look #2: Smokey Eyes

Sephora Look 2
Smokey eyes for beginners…I understand why people get eyeliner tattoos

The smokey eyes were not as dramatic as the one on the video because I’m still working on my blending technique.  Plus, I don’t have the patience to blend a bazillion colors with dozens of brushes.  Small steps people.

  1. NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Rose Pink
  2. MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme in Unlimited
  3. Stila All Day Eyeliner
  4. Urban Decay Naked Eye Palette in Virgin, Sin and Creep
  5. TreStique Shadow Crayon in Aspen Pine
  6. Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Banana
  7. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

YouTube look #3: Red Lips

Sephora Look 4
Vavavoom red! It was life changing, can you tell?

I absolutely LOVE this red lip gloss.  I haven’t gotten the chance (or nerve!) to wear it in public yet but I’m hoping to very soon…maybe on Valentine’s Day…

  1. NARS Velvet Matt Lip Pencil in Cruella
  2. London Lippy Butter in Come to Bed Red
  3. Stila All Day Eyeliner
  4. Urban Decay Naked Eye Palette in Virgin and Half-baked
  5. Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Banana
  6. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

YouTube look #4: Same as Red Lips Tutorial but for Daytime

Sephora Look 3
I can do this all day people!

This look is basically the exact same with a more subtle, pink lipstick.  It’s a very easy daytime look that I feel comfortable wearing to work and it doesn’t require a tremendous amount of time.

  1. NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Rose Pink
  2. Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer in Celestial
  3. Stila All Day Eyeliner
  4. Urban Decay Naked Eye Palette in Gunmetal as eye liner on bottom lid
  5. Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Banana
  6. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

What I’ve Learned…is how improving my outward appearance has come at a time when I am trying to make other changes in my life, and it’s refreshing.  My outward appearance may not have changed that much, but I feel a twinge of budding confidence when that lip stain touches my lips.  See, my lips were my enemies when I was little.  I absolutely hated having big, pouty lips.  When I was a little girl, other kids made fun of them and I felt really self conscious.  So, I kept them subtle and bare.  As a teenager, I embraced my full lips and glossed them until they had a reflection of their own!  Now, I feel like I’ve finally learned how to dress those big, pouty lips while also properly making over the rest of my features.

Do you have any makeup tips for me?  What are your favorite products?  Do you like shopping at Sephora?  What is your favorite feature of your lovely face?  Share with us in the comments section!


Elisa Sig

5 thoughts on “Let’s Do A Makeover!

  1. Because I love everything thing that sparkles don’t let that go!
    Laura Mercier Lip Glace – Beige Champagne – wear alone during the day wear over any lip stain for extra love and gloss!
    Chanel has little bitty skinny brush perfect to use when using shadow for eyeliner, at night add liquid or pencil for extra drama – oh and with the eye shadow wet your brush just a bit
    Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palettes and Urban Decay Palettes are the best (3 is my fave)
    Follow glamlifeguru on Instagram and YouTube tons of tips

  2. I am so glad my large collection of lip colors went to good use. I love my reds. I hope you are liking the banana powder. I love all the colors on you. I got made fun of for my big eyes as a kid. Little did I know they would be why the Disney princesses were so pretty. Love your big lips like I have learned to love my big eyes!

    1. I love the coverage from the banana powder! I wear it daily 🙂 I love the lipsticks almost as much as I love bacon. hehe.

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