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Over the course of my career I’ve been fortunate to have a few amazing bosses (and a few terrible ones). Each of those fantastic leaders was more than a manager, they were also a mentor that worked to guide me through growing my skill set or navigating office politics. One particular manager encouraged me to keep a working list of all my accomplishments over the course of the year, so that if I ever wanted a promotion or raise, it would be very easy to justify. That list can also be very handy during review season when you can’t seem to remember what you’ve done the last twelve months.

Creating and maintaining the list had some great results. First, I noticed when my productivity was lacking. Noticing the list hadn’t grown often encouraged me to buckle down and knock items off my to-do list that I had been procrastinating on.  Second, the list reminded me of how far I had progressed. Noticing those positives can be hard when you are bogged down in the day to day tasks, but the list reminded me that the work would result in achievement of a goal. At the end of each year I had a great list of all the projects that had moved forward or completed due to my contributions.

About six months ago, Lou of Mommy Sanest reached out to me about joining a Wins of the Week (WOTW) email list. Basically at the end of each week, one of us in the group would start an email and list out a few wins that occurred that week. The bonus to this group is that the wins weren’t limited to the office, your win could be about any facet of your life. I realized that although I was in the habit of recording my career accomplishments, I had never thought to reflect on accomplishments outside of the office. I quickly accepted Lou’s invitation and within the week there were three of us reflecting on the positive aspects of our week.

The beauty of this WOTW group is that the wins can really vary depending on what kind of week you experienced, but we still celebrate all of them. It is a great way to end your week on a positive note. Here are just a few of the wins our group has reflected on:

  • My iphone is still working even though it took a quick dunk in the kitchen sink two days ago. After a 24 hour time out in the rice, I’m THRILLED it still works!
  • After three hours and a ridiculous amount of help from my instructor, I finally installed a zipper into the skirt I’m trying to sew.
  • I generally had a healthy week. We made dinner every night, and I tried a 30 minute class at the new fitness studio down the street.
  • Gave a presentation with about 24 hours of notice. I was super nervous, but it went really well and people now seem to think I’m a natural at that sort of thing.  If they only knew!
  • I let my husband take over. He had Tuesday-Friday off, and he has been Mr. Momming it up. Sometimes I have trouble letting these things go (control!!!)
  • I’ve flossed every night this week.
  • Spent an hour on the phone with my brother. Really excited to see him for the holiday. Good reminder that I want to spend more of my time in 2016 with the people I love!

Besides allowing us to reflect on our weeks and find the positives, we’ve also built a great little support network for those weeks when it is tough to find any wins. Even though I live far away from the others in the group, I still feel their support each week when we trade emails and I always look forward to learning about what wins they report.

How do you keep up with your accomplishments at work or at home? Anyone else have a manager that they loved? Let us know in the comments.

Kendra Sig

6 thoughts on “WOTW: Wins of the Week

    1. It is very helpful at work. Who can remember everything they did in the last year without some sort of running record?

  1. There are some weeks that I really have to think about what I’m going to write, and other weeks where they are obvious and easy. I think this is most valuable when I am forced to think about what I want to include.

    Also, I love getting this email on Fridays… just reading what you guys have to say is fun and I really look forward to it. Another positive 😉

  2. I love this! I feel like as we get older there are not as many places to “brag” on yourself which every woman needs! How do I join 🙂

    1. Ryanne – you should start one of your own! Just find 2 or 3 other women you trust and start an email each Friday. Whoever joins your group will be so thankful you reached out.

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