About 3NonBlondes

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Back in the late 90’s, two geeks and a cheerleader joined a sorority and became friends for life. We will let you decide who was a geek and who was a cheerleader. More than fifteen years later, we live close enough to meet up a few times a month and eat Pad Kee Mow or enjoy a Champagne Sunday. 3NonBlondes is our latest project.

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Amanda  Full-time medical sales, full-time lover of all the food, make-up, and any product that makes life easier or more comfortable. Wife to a handsome and wonderful IT nerd & mommy to two 4-legged babies. If you have met me for more than 10 minutes, you know I love to give advice; this blog is a great outlet for even more of my unsolicited (but always well-meaning) advice.

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Elisa  I married a unicorn and now we each have a clone.  We call them Antonio and Babyzilla and photograph them like the paparazzi.  I love my big Latin family, running away to the beach over long weekends and having good conversations with my best friends while drinking champagne.  Oh, and I also dabble in running and working out.  I have an obsession of bacon, Star Wars, Harry Potter and shopping.

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Kendra  Family and friends, schipperkes, and travel pretty much sum up my happy places. Go look for the #schipperke hashtag on Instagram and then try not to squeal, I’m a hard worker, problem solver, professional nap-taker, and a huge Green Day fan. I live in Dallas with my amazing husband and two adorable schipperkes, Shelby and Tucker.