My Favorites: Ashley and The Polkadot Alley Boutique

Having lived most of my life in Dallas suburbs, I never thought I would be saying, “Yay, I can’t wait to go shopping in Lubbock!”.  I met my wonderful husband while attending Texas Tech in Lubbock, so we travel there often to visit family and attend football games, but I never dreamt I would be itching for a trip to Lubbock so I could go on a shopping spree at The Polkadot Alley Boutique.

My college friend and sorority sister, Ashley, is the founder and let’s-be-frank “mastermind” of a little gem in the West Texas desert called The Polkadot Alley and has been on this journey since 2008.  I’m proud to know and support this woman-owned business because I’ve seen Ashley follow her dream and work tirelessly to support a business that takes time and dedication.  She is also a loving wife and mother with three precious children, so you can say she’s an inspiration and role model to all.  Ashley has been so successful with her online store and storefront boutique that The Polkadot Alley has been featured not only on the local Lubbock news and TTU Alumni magazine, but also in worldwide news publications like The New York Times.  The internet boutique business is booming, and Ashley was there at its inception, helping to bring fashion to young (and not-so-young) ladies all over the states!


Even though the models featured in The Polkadot Alley are geared towards the college crowd, do not let this deter you from exploring all of the wonderful pieces they have to offer!  And if you are in the Lubbock area, go visit her boutique where you can browse the fabulous store, and maybe she will let you peek at the warehouse in the back where she has tons of racks of shopping heaven!  I’ve been known to get lost back there for hours.  Hehe…

I want to share with you some of my favorite summer and fall looks from my recent shopping sprees at The Polkadot Alley and introduce you to Ashley’s wonderful store:

Blog Summer Outfit
I LOVE Summer!!!

The Pink Romper.  I know what you’re thinking, rompers can be super scary.  I picked this romper out for fellow 3NonBlonde Amanda to try on and she threw it back over the fitting room to me.  I thought, “Why not?” and proceeded to squeeze into this amazingly flattering shorts romper.  I immediately loved this romper because it has a flirty hemline that gives it a little more length so that my booty doesn’t hang out the back.  Ashley’s store has tons of romper selections, but this has been my favorite so far.

This romper pattern reminds me of fireworks!

The Crop Top.  This is the first legit crop top I have bought and worn in my life!  Ashley carries it in like 5 other colors and I’m regretting not getting one in each.  I have received tons of compliments on this crop top and have worn it with a black pencil skirt and also with shorts.  It’s an easy piece to dress up or dress down and the neckline has a beautiful embroidered pattern on it.  The Polkadot Alley has a store full of crop tops and now that I’ve mastered my confidence in them, I know I’ll be looking for more.

Crop tops for work? Yes!
IMG_6144 copy
And also appropriate for Cancun!

Two Dresses for Any Season.  One of the many reasons I love The Polkadot Alley is they have many color and length choices.  Sure, I love short minis and dresses, but now that I’m 36(!), I am acutely aware of office and leisure appropriate clothing.  This is exactly what I was thinking when I spotted this delicious coral dress that hits the knee.  Ashley has it in like five different colors and also in a floor length style.  I’m too short for floor length, so I fell in love with this length because I could easily throw a cardigan or blazer on it and dress it up for work.  It’s a great color for any season.  The other dress I feel in love with was this 60’s inspired white dress with flower detail.  I traveled for work recently and wore it on a plane ride and it was pretty comfortable.  It’s a perfect A-line and doesn’t cinch but also doesn’t make you look frumpy.  It’s perfect!

This color is yummy.
Why yes! I am auditioning for Madmen!
Blog Fall Outfit
Fierce for fall

The T-shirt Dress(es).  Finding two t-shirt dresses that fit in length and width was a miracle in itself.  I am really thanking the fashion Gods the flared dress look is in this season.  It helps me find pieces that fit without worrying about things being way too small.  Anyway, the plum dress I found has pockets, which I love!  The black t-shirt dress is just so soft I want to live in it.  I bought it this weekend and have already worn in three times.  The week is not over, I may wear it again!  The versatility of the t-shirt dress is the reason I convinced myself to get both of them.  I can already picture throwing on a pair of boots, scarf, and moto jacket to make them fall worthy.

Comfort, pockets and style…
I want to live in this dress. It’s super soft.
Perfect gameday dress!

I hope you enjoyed learning about The Polkadot Alley and find yourselves furiously searching the website for a new outfit!  Let us know if you have previously shopped at any online boutiques or if you have shopped at The Polkadot Alley.  I would love to hear your comments!

Social Media for The Polkadot Alley:




Online Store

Happy shopping!


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Elisa & Babyzilla Makeup Tutorial!

We’re on YouTube people!!  You know how I recently fell in love with makeup and all things wonderful for face beauty?  Well, now Babyzilla has joined in the fun so we decided to do a beginner’s makeup tutorial and share with you on YouTube how we get ready everyday.  Disclaimer…I don’t let Babyzilla wear makeup everyday, she’s only allowed to “play” makeup with me and sticks to chap sticks and glosses on a regular basis.  After all, she’s only three and I want to keep her that way!

This was such a fun video to make and only afterwards when I was editing did I realize how expressive Babyzilla’s face is.  Sassy pants all the way!  I hope you like our “look” and at your request, we would be happy to do more makeup tutorials or any kind of Mommy and Me videos you may want to see of me and Babyzilla.

Babyzilla makeup
Our completed look…I still think that lipstick looks better on Babyzilla!
Babyzilla makeup 2
Get out of my spotlight Mama!

Below is the list of our beauty products:

What’s your daily makeup routine?  Do you have any tips and tricks for us?  Do you play “makeup” with your daughter?  Share in the comments section and enjoy the video!


Elisa Sig

Not Your Mom’s Shorts: Summer Style


Rules are meant to be broken, right?  Or at least bent a little…or a lot!  When I turned 35, I was suddenly hyper aware of the clothing I was choosing when I went shopping.  In the back of my mind, that annoying little voice of “fashion rules” kept telling me I needed to choose age-appropriate clothes and sensible shoes.  Well, I decided I didn’t give two effs about that voice and I refuse to style myself in Mom jeans and flats.  I love shorts and unless these legs turn into an atlas map of veins, I will wear them proudly.  And since the weather has technically transitioned into Spring, I ran to Francesca’s and found the perfect shorts outfits to kickoff the season! And they were having a bogo half off sale!

Before we get into the fabulous pieces I found at Francesca’s, I want to share with you a piece advice I practice when getting in the mindset of shopping…

Don’t compare yourself to anyone…At 5’3 and not 120lbs, 99.9% of the models pictured in the stores I shop at look nothing like me.  This does not deter me from trying on outfits or make me shy away from stores.  Sometimes, I miscalculate and the waist of a dress falls way too low or a hem doesn’t fall right, but you will never know how something fits unless you try it on.  Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and take pictures with your phone so you can examine your look.  And don’t buy anything unless you LOVE IT and it makes you feel FABULOUS!

Cher Poloaroids

My favorite looks this season came from Francesca’s.

Peplum chambray and woven shorts.  Peplum is my absolute favorite because it is both flattering and comfortable.  Paired with some ultra short bottoms and you are ready for summer fun!  These shorts have a little peek-a-boo knit side panel which lets you dress them up or down.  And the best part about these shorts (besides the elastic waist) is the price…under $15!

Shorts 01

Shirt: Francesca’s chambray peplum (similar) $34

Shorts: Forever 21 crochet paneled shorts $12.90

Shoes: Francesca’s lace up wedges $58

Olive green embroidered shorts.  Olive green is my latest obsession and I have recently made several purchases in that color.  These shorts from Francesca’s are so soft and feel like pajamas.  They are high-waisted and have that cute front tie, but you can wear them with a crop top or with a long, flowing shirt.  They are so versatile and the embroidered details provide a more feminine look to a classic style.  I liked pairing them with my tan wedges to elongate my gams.  Hehe.

Shorts 02

Shorts 03

Shirt: Forever 21 striped crop top $6.99

Shirt: Francesca’s Veronica scalloped tank $28

Shorts: Francesca’s Olive Kadie embroidered shorts $24.99

Shoes: Francesca’s lace up wedges $58

Chambray shorts.  There are so many different kinds of denim shorts from short cutoffs to long, long culottes.  These high-waisted, belted chambray shorts are very comfy and can also be paired with a tucked in or untucked shirt.  I really liked the untucked look for a casual yet put together look for weekend wear.  It’s a great option instead of throwing on cutoffs and a t-shirt.  Pair them with a pair of sandals and your’e ready for a busy weekend!

Shorts 04

Shorts 06

Shirt:  Forever 21 V-neck cami $1.90

Shirt: Francesca’s Jessica solid blouse $34

Shorts: Francesca’s chambray shorts (similar)

Shoes: Francesca’s lace up wedges $58

Oh my, it’s skorts!  If you are a child of the nineties then you probably had a pair of these babies.  These skorts are girly and also very comfortable and I love them in navy.  A perfect solution for a date night on a hot, summer day when you don’t want to wear regular shorts but also don’t want to commit to a dress.  Let’s face it, some dresses or skirts can really restrict your dance moves.  These skorts are the perfect solution for functionality and cute shorts.

Shorts 05

Shirt: Francesca’s Jessica solid blouse $34

Shorts: Francesca’s Kalea printed skorts $24.99

Shoes: Francesca’s lace up wedges $58

I can’t wait to wear all of my new Francesca’s outfits this spring and summer season!  What kind of shorts do you like to wear?  Do you dare put on those tiny shorts like I do?  Let us know in the comments!


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Bloody Hell; I Got A Vampire Facial

**Please be warned, there are some slightly gorey photos below, if you have a weak stomach (Kendra) be prepared to look away**


Now that we have the disclaimer out of the way I will proceed with my description and review of my first vampire facial.

So what is a vampire facial?

Glad you asked! No one was biting my neck but then again I think that is just a Hollywood spin on what a real vampire would do. We all know after Twilight that vampires are sparkly! This facial was not. It is called a vampire facial because your own blood is drawn, spun down, and the plasma is applied to basically a giant open wound created on your face by teeny tiny needles. This is not for the faint of heart, there are needles and blood, and some down time. But it was awesome!

Here are my torturers/ friends. Thank goodness I love these two people or this would have never happened.

What the what?!

You maybe wondering why someone would subject themselves to this. I guess I am a glutton for punishment. Actually not that much, I have just always been a face person. If you can inject it or apply it to my face to keep me young, I will try anything once. About a month before this adventure I tried a permanent filler called BellaFill. I wanted to work on my chicken pox scars and the filler was step one, step two was to abuse those damn scars and make them my bi@&!. I have had these scars since I was 3 or 4 and hate them, most people don’t even notice them. We are our own worst critics.

How this went down.

I got to the DejaYou spa ready for a good numbing. If you are keeping track, the spa is in Collyville, I just moved east of Dallas to the suburbs. That was an hour drive just to get my face beat with needles. I might be crazy. Any-who, the numbing is essential because while I like to think I am a bad a$$, I am more bark than bite. There really are only a few places that it gets somewhat uncomfortable but I think it is like child birth. The pain is worth it when you see the end result.


So far so good, now it starts getting messy! That little DermaPen has 10 little micro needles that basically scratch the surface of your skin which is supposed to motivate your skin to repair itself. In doing so it brightens, rejuvenates, and promotes more collagen growth. While the skin is still ‘open’ my own plasma was applied to my skin to enhance the rejuvenation and repair. It looks worse than it is. That is basically a lot of dried blood and plasma that basically creates a mask over my face. It was super stiff by the time I got home.


The whole thing took about an hour. While I felt fine, my husband wouldn’t come out of his office the rest of Saturday after the procedure. He said it hurt him to look at my face. Obviously not what you want to hear from your sweet husband but I know he still loves me. After waiting a few hours I washed the blood and plasma goop off my face. I felt like I looked so much better instantly. Kyle didn’t, he stayed in his office.


The next day there was already some great improvement but still some puffiness. Day 2 I had to get to work so I found some great makeup and got after it. As with most things in life, I got crazy busy and didn’t do a good job taking post pictures after day 2 or 3.


So was it worth it?

I think so!! There were some breakouts after that I expected just like after a regular facial. I felt great going without makeup most days or only a light powder, still do. I know that we opted to go heavy on a few of the big scars but if you don’t have big scars you won’t look as scary and will still see great results! I really loved it and look forward to finding another weekend soon where I can do it again.

I think I will wait until Kyle is out of town so I don’t scare the poor guy again.

If you don’t think you are brave enough, I highly recommend IPL peels or regular facials. If you want to save some money and get a good facial, there is always the ol’ Shave Your Face Facial.

What is your most extreme facial or beauty routine? I am always up for an adventure in the beauty department.

Amanda Sig


Let’s Do A Makeover!


I have been styling the same Cover Girl Classic Pink blush since I was fourteen.  It’s kind of my thing.  In my journey to improve my health and well-being, I also thought I would makeover my look.  So, I decided to get a Sephora makeover!

To give you a little bit of background on my current situation, it basically consists of what I call grocery store makeup.  I don’t typically go to fancy department stores and get MAC makeup or invest in ridiculously expensive creams for my face.  I think it’s because my Mom doesn’t ever wear makeup and neither do my sisters and I’ve just never ventured out to discover it.  You could say I’m sort of a makeup virgin.  So, this is where the other two of the Three Non Blondes stepped in.  I recently joined them to a visit to Sephora and was immediately overwhelmed, excited and mesmerized by the beautiful palettes, lipstick tubes and rows and rows of colors in that very strategically lit store.  I didn’t pull the trigger then, but the curiosity definitely sat with me for a while.

At Christmas, my unicorn gifted me with a $100 dollar gift card to Sephora and I knew what I would do with it – makeover!!!!

My “Before” look consists of lots of pink blush, sparkly eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss galore.  I may throw in some eye liner every once in a while for a date night but I never, ever experimented with lipstick…and I really wanted to.

DSC01917 copy

My Sephora Makeover...was not what I expected.  It was crazy busy and my beauty consultant was late and then rushed.  I didn’t know what to expect so I agreed to let her take charge and ended up with two inch thick eyebrows and an aged look.  The looks on my friends’s faces was priceless!  I love their honesty.  On the other hand, Kendra walked away with a sweet date night look that looked amazing with her red hair.  Before leaving the store, my friends led me to some of their staple products and I was able to walk away with new toys to play with at home.

Sephora 1
Before my makeover…so excited!
After…Me – sporting crazy eyebrows. Kendra – looking fabulous!

Once I got home, I found myself with tons of new makeup thanks to my new purchase and a TON of donated makeup from Amanda.  I wasn’t sure where to start so I did what every person in my situation would do…I went to YouTube.  There, I found a makeup goddess who calls herself Dacey that I am thinking of following on twitter and instagram because I’m convinced we could be real friends.  After all, her makeup is fierce, flawless and fabulous.  I’ve spent the past week sitting on the couch next to Michael watching her videos and attempting her looks.  Here are my favorites…

YouTube look #1: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Makeover

Sephora Look 1
Fresh look with pink lipstain, subtle blush, and neutral eye shadow

I love this look because it introduced me to lip stains and liquid eye liner.  Here’s the list of products I used to create the look:

  1. Too Faced Melted Lip Stain in Melted Candy
  2. Stila All Day Eyeliner
  3. Urban Decay Naked Eye Palette in Virgin, Sin and Toasted
  4. Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Banana
  5. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

YouTube look #2: Smokey Eyes

Sephora Look 2
Smokey eyes for beginners…I understand why people get eyeliner tattoos

The smokey eyes were not as dramatic as the one on the video because I’m still working on my blending technique.  Plus, I don’t have the patience to blend a bazillion colors with dozens of brushes.  Small steps people.

  1. NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Rose Pink
  2. MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme in Unlimited
  3. Stila All Day Eyeliner
  4. Urban Decay Naked Eye Palette in Virgin, Sin and Creep
  5. TreStique Shadow Crayon in Aspen Pine
  6. Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Banana
  7. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

YouTube look #3: Red Lips

Sephora Look 4
Vavavoom red! It was life changing, can you tell?

I absolutely LOVE this red lip gloss.  I haven’t gotten the chance (or nerve!) to wear it in public yet but I’m hoping to very soon…maybe on Valentine’s Day…

  1. NARS Velvet Matt Lip Pencil in Cruella
  2. London Lippy Butter in Come to Bed Red
  3. Stila All Day Eyeliner
  4. Urban Decay Naked Eye Palette in Virgin and Half-baked
  5. Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Banana
  6. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

YouTube look #4: Same as Red Lips Tutorial but for Daytime

Sephora Look 3
I can do this all day people!

This look is basically the exact same with a more subtle, pink lipstick.  It’s a very easy daytime look that I feel comfortable wearing to work and it doesn’t require a tremendous amount of time.

  1. NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Rose Pink
  2. Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer in Celestial
  3. Stila All Day Eyeliner
  4. Urban Decay Naked Eye Palette in Gunmetal as eye liner on bottom lid
  5. Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Banana
  6. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

What I’ve Learned…is how improving my outward appearance has come at a time when I am trying to make other changes in my life, and it’s refreshing.  My outward appearance may not have changed that much, but I feel a twinge of budding confidence when that lip stain touches my lips.  See, my lips were my enemies when I was little.  I absolutely hated having big, pouty lips.  When I was a little girl, other kids made fun of them and I felt really self conscious.  So, I kept them subtle and bare.  As a teenager, I embraced my full lips and glossed them until they had a reflection of their own!  Now, I feel like I’ve finally learned how to dress those big, pouty lips while also properly making over the rest of my features.

Do you have any makeup tips for me?  What are your favorite products?  Do you like shopping at Sephora?  What is your favorite feature of your lovely face?  Share with us in the comments section!


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5 Favorite Beauty Cosmetics and Gadgets

There were some great discussions around my last beauty post on shaving your face for the ultimate exfoliation so I figured I would give you my top 5 favorite beauty products. If you have known me for long you know that I LOVE to try all the new beauty products and gadgets out there. I am a sample slut and will slather anything on my face or hair at least once. (Minus the ‘Something About Mary’ products). I am even contemplating the Vampire Facial, that will be an interesting post when I can find the time to actually do said facial.

So without further ado, here are the 5 things I can’t live without:

  1. Clairsonic Pro. This little bugger is amazing. You can switch out the heads to exfoliate your body, feet, or face! I try to use it at least a couple times a week in the shower and it really does help cut down on milia and black heads. The body scrub head can also be helpful for cutting down on ingrown hairs after a wax. If you are traveling, the smaller ones are great.

clairsonic2.  Precision Pore Cleansing Pad. I use this thing every day, usually twice a day. I honestly don’t know if it helps or not but it makes me feel good that I am scrubbing (gently) all the cleaning product on to my face and I think it helps get in all the little spots. I clean it with soap before and after each use. The best part is that it has a handy dandy little suction on the back and sticks to sinks, showers, just about any flat surface. I have apparently been getting ripped off a Sephora because amazon has them for a couple bucks! I have one in the sink and one in my travel bag. Can you tell I am obsessed with exfoliating?

pore scrubber3.  London Brush Company Vegan Brush Shampoo. We know I am the furthest thing from vegan but this is a good step in the right direction I guess. I found this at a theater makeup counter (I was there looking for Banana Powder) and am in love with this stuff. It really, REALLY cleans brushes and sponges. They will be better than new after a good cleanse with this stuff. Plus, it comes in all kinds of scents. I have lavender but if you get a different one, let me know what you think of it.


sponges4.  Too Faced Shadow Insurance. My co-blogger Kendra turned me on to this after a Sunday afternoon blog meeting (aka, brunch and mimosas). We wandered into a new cosmetics store next door to Gloria’s and what pairs better with drinking than shopping. I was a little skeptical, not because I didn’t trust Kendra, but because I had tried dozens and nothing really worked as well as I would have liked. She was dead-on about this eye lid primer. I have always had somewhat oily eye lids and this stuff is the BEST! It really holds your eye shadow on flawlessly and is the least cake-y product I have tried. It goes on smoothly and your make up doesn’t look overdone.

too faced5.  GLAMGLOW Super-Mud. I would like to think with all that exfoliating I do, I would never get black heads, but lets be serious, they never go away. This stuff sucks those little bad boys out! It is pricey so get a sample size from Sephora or Nordstrom if you aren’t ready to invest right away. Also, I leave it on longer than recommended. I want that junk good and dry and outta my pores.


Have you tried any of these products? If so, what do you think? If not, what do you think you will want to try first?

Cheers,Amanda Sig

My Favorite Things: The DryBar

DryBar12 copy

Despite my girly appearance, I don’t have a lot of time for girly upkeep.  If you look closely, I probably have bushy eyebrows because I pluck them myself, my toes may or may not be manicured, my nails are probably not painted and most likely, my roots are showing.  It takes an exorbitant amount of time to keep up with de-hairing, painting, and coloring yourself into a flawless woman.  And, if you are like me, you probably strategically wash your hair on certain days (preferably gym days) and wear it for 2 to 3 days thanks to dry shampoo!  (Back in the day, we used to use baby powder.)  “Hair Washing Day” is a big, fat, pain in the rear and takes up ridiculous amounts of time.  So, you can imagine how  giddy I was to discover a place called the DryBar where you can go for a blowout.  So, what is a blowout you ask?  The website has a fancy definition but it’s basically what your grandmother used to do back in the 50’s.  You go to the salon and  you get your hair washed and styled according to different styles on their menu and get to wear that style for several days.  This is one of my guilty pleasures.

vintage beauty salon

Here’s why I LOVE going to get a good blowout at DryBar

It’s Affordable and Quick.  A basic blowout costs $40.  You can get extra add-ons like extra time getting your scalp massaged or throw in a hair mask, but all blowouts cost a base of $40.  They also have blowouts for little girls ages 3 to 10 called Shirley Temples for a mere $28.  That’s hard to beat at a regular salon.  Especially in Dallas.  You can book a session through their website or get the app and not have to worry about calling the salon.  And since a session is under an hour long, you can take an appointment during your lunch break and return to work with fabulous hair!  Salon hours are typically from 8 AM to 8 PM.

The Founder Alli Webb.  You can read all about how the DryBar got started and I have a lot of respect for the founder, Alli Webb.  She has put her heart and soul into creating the vision of the DryBar and her 10 Core Values include kindness, family and family.  Can she please be my friend?  The concept of DryBar has been duplicated by many others and she continues to lead the charge in the industry.  More power to you girlfriend!

I recently took my 11 year-old niece and my 3 year-old Babyzilla to their first visit to the DryBar and it was magical!   Those hair stylists are amazing!  So, here’s a little sneak peek at what you can expect when you visit the DryBar.  Both girls chose the Cosmo style.

1. Wash.  A nice head massage as you get your hair washed by a lovely hair stylist.  This may be my favorite part.  I absolutely hate washing my hair and having someone else do the job for me is like Christmas in my book.


2. Blow-dry.  Next, you will sit in front of a large flat screen TV and watch girly movies (Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Mean Girls, etc.) while your lovely stylist blow dries your hair.  At this point, you will receive champagne, soda, or any other drink of choice.  Your hair station also has plugins for phone chargers or laptops in case you are having a working lunch.


3. Straighten.  After a good blowout, your stylist will take a flat iron or a large brush to smooth out your hair.  You will think your hair looks fabulous at this point, but the best is yet to come…


4. Curls.  The last part of the DryBar experience for a Cosmo style is for your stylist to curl your hair into magnificent and voluminous ringlets.  Perfect for any occasion!


5. Confidence. I can’t tell you how good these girls felt getting their hair done.  They bounced out of the salon with huge smiles on their faces, and I was so happy to have shared this special experience with them.  Sometimes, we just have to spoil ourselves by getting pampered and spending quality time together with a daughter, niece or friend.  I’m thinking a gift certificate to the DryBar would be a good stocking stuffer for several ladies I know.





What kinds of experiences do you share with your daughter, niece or friends?  I would love to hear your ideas!


Elisa Sig


Beauty Tip: Shave Your Face

woman shave face
This is pretty much what I look like when I shave.

Yup, you read that correctly. Shave. Your. Face. No, not because you have a beard or mustache but because shaving and red wine keep you young. Ok I don’t really know about the red wine part but because I put it on the internet, now it is true.

Before you think I am crazy (although you probably already do) let me explain how I began, what I have learned, and why I do this crazy routine about once a month.

Like all good life advice, I learned this from Caroline Manzo from Real Housewives of New Jersey. (You can stop the video around 1:05, you will get the idea.) Being that I have struggled with my skin most of my teens and 20’s, I was intrigued. There isn’t much I haven’t done to my skin in hopes that it will one day cooperate and look like those air brushed models in ads. So naturally I Googled ‘women shave face’ and found several articles and links to how and why this would be a good idea for women.

The top 3 things you can do to keep your skin healthy and beautiful are exfoliate, wear sunscreen, and drink wine water. When exfoliating, you are ridding your top layers of skin dead and allowing all those expensive creams to actually be their most effective.

If you think Caroline Manzo and I shouldn’t be the voice of reason for shaving your face, Kate Somerville, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, and allegedly Cleopatra have all shaved their faces. Dermatologists and beauty experts will tell you the quickest way to get wrinkles is to not protect your skin and to not exfoliate. All that dead skin will settle into those fine lines and make you look years older than you are. I read an article years ago where a dozen or more dermatologists and plastic surgeons were interviewed and asked what they would do differently for their skin that they didn’t know to do when they were younger. EVERY LAST ONE said they would exfoliate and wear sunscreen. Some said they would use a retinol which is a chemical version of exfoliation but can leave you dry. So if that isn’t enough motivation to exfoliate, I don’t know what else to tell you.

There are multiple articles for and against using basically the same razor you use to shave your legs. Others think you need a special little face razor called The Tinkle but I think the beauty industry and the razor industry have enough money so I fully support using whatever razor is within reach if you want. I prefer to use the disposable ones and keep one in my drawer by the sink that is specifically for my face. Mainly because who wants to shave their face with the same razor they shave their bikini line with?!!?

You can shave wet or dry, I prefer to lather on a little face wash so I can convince myself I am doing double duty but you can go dry if you want. I prefer to shave against the grain and up because that is how I was taught to shave my legs, others say go down. Either way, take quick, short strokes and take your time the first few shaves until you are comfortable with the process. I was a little nervous my first time but watched a couple YouTube videos and then went for it.

What I have learned.

  • I can save $75-100 for a Dermaplaning facial and get almost the same results at home for the cost of a disposable razor.
  • It is the most effective exfoliating option I can do at home.
  • My face tends to have fewer break outs and millia when I am consistent.
  • Make-up goes on and stays on much better.
  • Don’t try to do it in the shower when you are in a hurry and don’t have a mirror. I may or may not have accidentally shaved off part of my eye brows once. Thankfully I have to pencil them in everyday to begin with so I could fill in the gap and not look like this.
    This never looked good, not even on Vanilla Ice


Have you ever tried shaving your face? What do you think? If not, will you try it now?

Amanda Sig

Funky Feet: Baby Foot Peel Review



**Warning: There are pics of peeling feet and dead skin so if you are squeamish, look with your eyes closed. If you want to see more peel-y feet, check Google Image Baby Foot.

As we all know, it is faux pas to come out in the summer with scraggly toes. Your feet are supposed to be presentable at all times when exposed. But sometimes getting to the spa for a pedi is just not possible. Or if you have an attention span like I do, sitting for a pedi just takes too long.

I first saw the product, Baby Foot, at a plastic surgeon’s office and was very skeptical but for $20 bucks I figured it was easier than taking an hour or more at the spa so I would give it a try.

What it is.

According to the website it is a peel for your feet. “Baby Foot contains 17 kinds of natural extracts which have a high moisturizing power and astringency.” It peels and exfoliates the dead skin off of your feet to leave them as soft as a babies foot.

What it is not.

It is not a replacement for hanging out with your girlfriends, having a nice glass of wine and catching up. It also won’t reapply paint to your toes. If you are as ticklish as I am, this is a nice alternative to having your feet cheese grated off.

How it works?

It really can’t get much easier. Wash your feet, soak them for a few minutes if you want. Get your glass of wine, girlfriends, and a movie. Put a towel down and wrap your feet in the magical little booties. The box recommends an hour to sit with the booties on but I was advised the first time I bought these to let them sit for an hour and a half. After 1.5 hours and a bottle of wine, SLOWLY waddle to the bathroom, remove the booties, and wash your feet.

Feet after being in booties for 1.5 hours.
Feet after being in booties for 1.5 hours.

You can add lotion to your feet if you would like but not necessary. Then wait. Within 4-6 days your feet will peel like a snake shedding it’s skin. No serious, it is a lot of skin. Like a lot, a lot. I needed a dust buster to get all the little skin piles cleaned up. Your feet will peel for 2-3 days so I always suggest a quick little mini-pedi and a polish change to clean them up from the peeling. I had a pedi technician tell me after the first time I did this that my feet “were as soft as a baby.” I would say the name actually reflects what actually happens to your feet. I would give this 5 stars!

After a few days when my feet started peeling.
After a few days when my feet started peeling.


I have found that my feet feel great for about 3-4 months. Depending on the time of the year, how much you are in and out of water or socks and shoes, it can vary.

Feet after the peel. Or at least what they felt like, I may have forgotten to take an after picture.
Feet after the peel. Or at least what they felt like, I may have forgotten to take an after picture.

Who needs a good solid foot peeling? Have you used Baby Foot? What do you think?

Amanda Sig

Normal People Can Dress Like Taylor Swift



I don’t have Taylor Swift’s mega million-dollar voice but I do often feel like me and my band of 35 year-old girlfriends are just as cool as the songstress and her entourage of models.  And the girl knows how to dress!  Taylor’s fierce fashion style has evolved from shy Tennessee country girl, to New York street style hipster, and everything in between.  I was drawn to her style because she loves to take classic colors and pieces and spruce them up with something fun like a pop of color or a fun print.  I know what you’re thinking…Taylor Swift is 25, stands 5’10, and has legs for days – how can I pull off her style?!  Well, I’m 35, 5’3, and a size 8/10 and I’m going to show you how anyone can pull off an outfit like Ms. Taylor, regardless of body size.  This recent post on Popsugar by Samantha-Sutton inspired me to share with you my favorite Taylor Swift copycat outfits from my closet.  I took pieces that I already had and didn’t spend a dime!

Taylor and I both love the A-line or skater skirts.  This particular one in eggplant (it’s pleather!) was a steal from Lauren Conrad’s line at Khol’s.  It’s from last season but here is a similar one from this season.  Pair it with a black top and matching black Jessica Simpson booties and you’re ready for any social event.


Nothing says preppy like classic stripes and denim.  Cut-off shorts are always in season, and I paired them with a pair of red Jessica Simpson pumps to add a pop of color.  It’s an effortless look that anyone can pull off.  Like Taylor, I don’t pay too much attention to all of those old fashion rules like, “Don’t wear horizontal lines” or “You can only wear white after Labor Day”.  The only rules to follow when it comes to shopping are 1) Is this a well made product at at reasonable price, and 2) Do I LOVE it?


Taylor does not limit her style.  If she feels a little more rocker than preppy, her style definitely shows it.  I love that versatility in her style because my clothes tend to fit my mood.  And this pleather skirt from H&M, Beatles shirt, and knee high socks definitely fit my wilder side when I’m not donning suits for corporate America.


Taylor’s signature look is red with stripes.  I found this perfect scalloped red skirt at Francesca’s this summer and it’s so comfortable and flattering.  I’ve paired it with a simple cropped top from Target but since I’m 5’3, it pretty much looks like a normal shirt.  That’s fine with me because I wouldn’t want anything to distract attention away form those adorable scallops!


Taylor Swift’s award show dresses are to die for.  This particular cream and black number is elegant and screams feminine.  My Eliza J dress was a clearance find at Macy’s years ago.  It’s got a full skirt and a matching belt that cinches my waist nicely to show my curves.  I would buy every dress in the Eliza J collection if I could.  A pair of teal Lauren Conrad pumps complete the look.


Last, I leave you with the retro 50’s inspired dark wash jeans and black top look that Taylor is often seen wearing.  I paired my look with a pair of Michael Antonio pumps in mint and some red lip gloss.  I love wearing heels, but you can copy Taylor and wear sensible ballet flats and still look amazing.  A perfectly put together casual look.  I can wear this outfit to work, a PTA meeting, or on a date night.


I want to leave you today with one thought.  LOVE YOUR BODY!  We all struggle with image and body size, and I want all of you out there to embrace the stage you are in today and put on a Taylor Swift inspired outfit.  Leave comments on who inspires your everyday style, and share pictures of your Taylor Swift style!


Elisa Sig