Elisa & Babyzilla Makeup Tutorial!

We’re on YouTube people!!  You know how I recently fell in love with makeup and all things wonderful for face beauty?  Well, now Babyzilla has joined in the fun so we decided to do a beginner’s makeup tutorial and share with you on YouTube how we get ready everyday.  Disclaimer…I don’t let Babyzilla wear makeup everyday, she’s only allowed to “play” makeup with me and sticks to chap sticks and glosses on a regular basis.  After all, she’s only three and I want to keep her that way!

This was such a fun video to make and only afterwards when I was editing did I realize how expressive Babyzilla’s face is.  Sassy pants all the way!  I hope you like our “look” and at your request, we would be happy to do more makeup tutorials or any kind of Mommy and Me videos you may want to see of me and Babyzilla.

Babyzilla makeup
Our completed look…I still think that lipstick looks better on Babyzilla!
Babyzilla makeup 2
Get out of my spotlight Mama!

Below is the list of our beauty products:

What’s your daily makeup routine?  Do you have any tips and tricks for us?  Do you play “makeup” with your daughter?  Share in the comments section and enjoy the video!


Elisa Sig

Getting Over My (non)Runner’s Shame

I’ve gone through a running journey that will (God willing) probably continue for the rest of my life…yet for a long time, I refused to label myself a “runner”.

My SIL Jennifer is my runspiration…I literally run after her!

I took up running when my sister-in-law Jennifer was looking for a running buddy and I was interested in losing some weight, and have been hooked ever since.  No matter if I’m training for a marathon or barely squeaking by on 5 miles a week, I have finally gotten over myself and admitted to myself that I am a runner!

I go through phases when I stop running altogether but I will still read about running, look at other runner’s instagram posts, and even sit and think about speed training programs.  Yet, even when I was looping White Rock Lake (only real runners do this on Saturdays) at the butt crack of dawn, I was somehow intimidated to call myself a full-blown runner.

Why?  I’ll tell you why…I was stuck on this idea that runners had to look a certain way.  They had to have those long, thin limbs that make them look like they can get carried away by the wind at any moment and they don’t have anything that jiggles, flops or bounces.


The reality of the sport of running is that runners come in all ages, shapes, sizes, and colors.  And that is what made me fall in love with running.  It’s inclusive of everyone, regardless of bodytype, and the results are undeniably good for your health.  It’s one of the only sports where you can literally go out to a park, or where ever, and join a runner’s group and no one will think you are a freaking weirdo.  They will welcome you and say, “Oh hi, what’s your PR goal?”.  Then, they will proceed to ask you about your nice running pants or shoes.  Amazing, because this actually happened to me when I joined a running group!

That’s when it all clicked for me…I am a runner.  I started looking around and found these incredible, yet normal people like me that are running like the hilarious genius of Kelly on Run, Selfie, Repeat and the mold breaking covers of the Women’s Running magazine that dared to look like this and this, and I was further inspired to show my pride for the running community that I belong to.


Running for the past ten years has helped me overcome post-baby weight, served as therapy for stressful job situations, and helped keep my sanity when life’s pressures are threatening to spill over.   Not to mention it brought me closer to some of my dear friends like the other two NonBlondes!  My unicorn will often tell me to, “Go for a quick run” when he sees the crazy behind my eyes.  He would rather spend an hour putting kids to bed on his own than having me be a miserable mess all night because I didn’t get to put in the miles.  So, I’ve come to the realization that it doesn’t matter where or how or why I run, and the important part is that I continue getting out there and proving to myself that I am a runner and I’m actually kind of good at it!

Race pice
Running the half with my sister Rocio while 3 mos prego with Babyzilla
Antonio at a Color Run 🙂

I’m currently in one of my running modes where I run often, but not for long distances.  I can’t seem to balance my time between life’s responsibilities well enough to get away for hours, so I cherish anytime I can get to hit the street or gym treadmill.  I mostly run on my own, but lately, I’ve had the luck of bribing having the company of my sisters or my friends and other times it’s just me and Babyzilla in the stroller.  I used to run half marathons and even ran one while pregnant with Isabella and then shortly post-baby, but that goal is not in my short term future.  Instead, I try to make the most of every short run that I get and keep pushing myself beyond my limits.

Running collage
Babyzilla is often my running buddy!

So, if you live within a twenty mile radius of North Dallas and need a running buddy, let me know!  Do you like to run races?  What’s your best PR?  Are you a closet runner like I was?  Share your stories with us in the comments section.


Elisa Sig

Let’s Do A Makeover!


I have been styling the same Cover Girl Classic Pink blush since I was fourteen.  It’s kind of my thing.  In my journey to improve my health and well-being, I also thought I would makeover my look.  So, I decided to get a Sephora makeover!

To give you a little bit of background on my current situation, it basically consists of what I call grocery store makeup.  I don’t typically go to fancy department stores and get MAC makeup or invest in ridiculously expensive creams for my face.  I think it’s because my Mom doesn’t ever wear makeup and neither do my sisters and I’ve just never ventured out to discover it.  You could say I’m sort of a makeup virgin.  So, this is where the other two of the Three Non Blondes stepped in.  I recently joined them to a visit to Sephora and was immediately overwhelmed, excited and mesmerized by the beautiful palettes, lipstick tubes and rows and rows of colors in that very strategically lit store.  I didn’t pull the trigger then, but the curiosity definitely sat with me for a while.

At Christmas, my unicorn gifted me with a $100 dollar gift card to Sephora and I knew what I would do with it – makeover!!!!

My “Before” look consists of lots of pink blush, sparkly eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss galore.  I may throw in some eye liner every once in a while for a date night but I never, ever experimented with lipstick…and I really wanted to.

DSC01917 copy

My Sephora Makeover...was not what I expected.  It was crazy busy and my beauty consultant was late and then rushed.  I didn’t know what to expect so I agreed to let her take charge and ended up with two inch thick eyebrows and an aged look.  The looks on my friends’s faces was priceless!  I love their honesty.  On the other hand, Kendra walked away with a sweet date night look that looked amazing with her red hair.  Before leaving the store, my friends led me to some of their staple products and I was able to walk away with new toys to play with at home.

Sephora 1
Before my makeover…so excited!
After…Me – sporting crazy eyebrows. Kendra – looking fabulous!

Once I got home, I found myself with tons of new makeup thanks to my new purchase and a TON of donated makeup from Amanda.  I wasn’t sure where to start so I did what every person in my situation would do…I went to YouTube.  There, I found a makeup goddess who calls herself Dacey that I am thinking of following on twitter and instagram because I’m convinced we could be real friends.  After all, her makeup is fierce, flawless and fabulous.  I’ve spent the past week sitting on the couch next to Michael watching her videos and attempting her looks.  Here are my favorites…

YouTube look #1: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Makeover

Sephora Look 1
Fresh look with pink lipstain, subtle blush, and neutral eye shadow

I love this look because it introduced me to lip stains and liquid eye liner.  Here’s the list of products I used to create the look:

  1. Too Faced Melted Lip Stain in Melted Candy
  2. Stila All Day Eyeliner
  3. Urban Decay Naked Eye Palette in Virgin, Sin and Toasted
  4. Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Banana
  5. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

YouTube look #2: Smokey Eyes

Sephora Look 2
Smokey eyes for beginners…I understand why people get eyeliner tattoos

The smokey eyes were not as dramatic as the one on the video because I’m still working on my blending technique.  Plus, I don’t have the patience to blend a bazillion colors with dozens of brushes.  Small steps people.

  1. NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Rose Pink
  2. MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme in Unlimited
  3. Stila All Day Eyeliner
  4. Urban Decay Naked Eye Palette in Virgin, Sin and Creep
  5. TreStique Shadow Crayon in Aspen Pine
  6. Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Banana
  7. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

YouTube look #3: Red Lips

Sephora Look 4
Vavavoom red! It was life changing, can you tell?

I absolutely LOVE this red lip gloss.  I haven’t gotten the chance (or nerve!) to wear it in public yet but I’m hoping to very soon…maybe on Valentine’s Day…

  1. NARS Velvet Matt Lip Pencil in Cruella
  2. London Lippy Butter in Come to Bed Red
  3. Stila All Day Eyeliner
  4. Urban Decay Naked Eye Palette in Virgin and Half-baked
  5. Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Banana
  6. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

YouTube look #4: Same as Red Lips Tutorial but for Daytime

Sephora Look 3
I can do this all day people!

This look is basically the exact same with a more subtle, pink lipstick.  It’s a very easy daytime look that I feel comfortable wearing to work and it doesn’t require a tremendous amount of time.

  1. NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Rose Pink
  2. Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer in Celestial
  3. Stila All Day Eyeliner
  4. Urban Decay Naked Eye Palette in Gunmetal as eye liner on bottom lid
  5. Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Banana
  6. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

What I’ve Learned…is how improving my outward appearance has come at a time when I am trying to make other changes in my life, and it’s refreshing.  My outward appearance may not have changed that much, but I feel a twinge of budding confidence when that lip stain touches my lips.  See, my lips were my enemies when I was little.  I absolutely hated having big, pouty lips.  When I was a little girl, other kids made fun of them and I felt really self conscious.  So, I kept them subtle and bare.  As a teenager, I embraced my full lips and glossed them until they had a reflection of their own!  Now, I feel like I’ve finally learned how to dress those big, pouty lips while also properly making over the rest of my features.

Do you have any makeup tips for me?  What are your favorite products?  Do you like shopping at Sephora?  What is your favorite feature of your lovely face?  Share with us in the comments section!


Elisa Sig

Saving My Sanity

It's like someone is taking a picture of me at night, creepy but accurate.
It’s like someone is taking a picture of me at night, creepy but accurate.

Like all marriages and relationships, you learn new things about your partner almost daily. One of the things I learned about my darling husband is he hasn’t had his adenoids or tonsils removed. If you sleep next to a wonderful man who turns into a freight train at night you know those adenoids or tonsils could be the culprit. I am a light sleeper, a mouse fart will usually wake me up. So low and behold, my better half is a snorer.

Thankfully mine doesn’t bitch he just rolls over.

As with all things, I have gotten used to the snoring for the most part. But there are always those nights where I couldn’t sleep or he was sick and it was worse than normal. Since our former home had extra beds/rooms, one of us would temporarily relocate. Now we are in our temporary rent house and the extra rooms are a home office and storage unit, we don’t have an escape plan when things get crazy. This led to a little research and a wonderful new discovery.

Ladies, if your man is snoring and you need some quiet, check out the SnoreRX. The hubs heard about this little wonder device from a co-worker and was interested in keeping me as sane as possible, so he bought two!


The SnoreRX reminds me of the mouth guards football players wear so they don’t end up looking like hockey players. And it was extremely easy to get ‘set up.’ Soften the gel in hot water, cool it just a bit in cold water, then put it in and bite down for a few seconds, then cold bath again and voila, no more snoring! What is so different about this device is the fact that there is an adjuster on the side that ever so slightly moves his bottom jaw forward just enough to shut him up help him sleep more soundly.

Tip: We had no problems moulding the first bite guard the second we learned a valuable lesson. Get the hot water to a boil then transfer it to a bowl before you dunk the mouth guard. We had a slight separation of the gel from the frame on the second one. Luckily it still works like a charm.


adjust side


My hubs is a man of few words most of the time and wouldn’t let me I convinced him to let me take a pic with his mouth piece in. This is his ‘interview’ on how he likes the SnoreRX.

So good looking with a mouth guard and stubble.
So good looking with a mouth guard and stubble.


Me: Do you think you are sleeping better with the SnoreRX?

Him: Um, it’s hard to tell. I don’t feel like I am sleeping worse but I don’t notice any changes.

Side note: I am a flopper in bed so that could be me moving all the time.

Me: How uncomfortable was the device in the beginning?

Him: It wasn’t super uncomfortable it was just big. It’s designed to fit everyone but not any one person really well. It is a generic medium. For some people it will be too small,  for some it will be too large. I have a smaller than normal mouth so it is a little large.

Tip: If SnoreRx could make these in multiple sizes like everything else in the world it would be much better.

Me: Is it less noticeable now? (1 month + of use)

Him: Yeah

Me: Would you recommend this to others?

Him: I don’t have a problem with it, it takes a little getting used to but I don’t wear it to help me sleep. So the question is would you recommend it?

Ahhhh, the things we do for love. #BestHusbandEver and way to turn the tables on the interviewer.

Me: I don’t think I would be blogging about it if I didn’t love it, so YES!

Me: What are the downsides?

Him: Having to buy denture cleaner under the age of 40. (A must to keep it clean and stink-less.)

Me: Any last comments?

Him: Negative Ghost Rider.


So ladies, who is ready to buy 12 of these for their husband? Or who has had success with something different?

Amanda Sig

Acupuncture: A crystal ball for your body

cactusIf you’ve known me for more than a year, you know I love acupuncture. Any chance I get to talk about it, I will. I’m pretty sure most of my friends are tired of hearing me preach about the benefits! I started acupuncture in 2006 to get relief from my seasonal allergies. My symptoms were so awful, I wasn’t sleeping much at night and hated leaving my apartment because I knew it would result in sneezing and watery, itchy eyes that would take several doses of Benadryl to calm. I’ve done years of allergy shots, but I just wasn’t improving. My mom referred me to an acupuncturist that specialized in allergy treatment (thanks mom!) and several treatments later I felt like a new person. Turns out, most of my seasonal allergies were inflamed because of foods I consumed that I also had sensitivity to. So he treated me for various foods and seasonal allergies like trees, weeds, grasses – basically nature. Since then I drop in whenever I’m just not feeling up to par and within 1 or 2 treatments, I’m back to my usual self. I still try to avoid foods that I’m more sensitive to, like sour cream and coffee, but I know that I can also consume those on occasion and not have to worry about spending the next few days drugged up on Benadryl.

If you’ve never tried acupuncture, let me just say that the results are amazing, but you do need to have a bit of faith. The methods used for diagnosis and treatment are nothing like western medicine, and although I understand some of what is going on, I don’t think I’ll ever grasp all the concepts that are used in acupuncture. During my first appointment my acupuncturist used applied kinesiology to diagnose which foods I had the most trouble processing. I thought he was a little crazy, as I couldn’t see how pushing on my arm could diagnose a sensitivity. Then he put a small vial with dairy elements in my other hand, and suddenly I couldn’t push back on his arm. My arm dropped to my side while my mouth hung open. If you’ve never seen applied kinesiology in action before, I’m afraid it isn’t easy to explain. Here is a YouTube video that may help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uk9WMMQz0f8 (Full disclosure, I didn’t watch the whole video. No patience for the terrible internet at our house.)

When I talk about acupuncture, most people worry about the needles. They aren’t interested in trying it out because they worry the needles will hurt, or they are afraid of needles in general. Well cast your worries aside, it does not hurt at all. Most of the time I don’t feel them and I hardly ever see them because I’m getting ready for my 30 minute nap. The needles are thinner than a strand of hair, and they only go slightly into your skin. During my last treatment I tried to get up before he finished removing some of the needles because I forgot they were there entirely. You also won’t look like a human pincushion either. A good acupuncturist will focus in on only the points you absolutely need in order to improve your health. Most of the time I have fewer than 10 needles per treatment.


Since my initial treatment for allergies, I usually return a couple of times a year for touch-up style sessions. My allergies typically flare up in January and February each year, which doesn’t make sense because everything in nature should be dead. However, this year I wasn’t noticing my usual symptoms. Instead of itchy eyes, I was dealing with some pretty extreme fatigue. I wasn’t really tired, my body just felt completely exhausted (although my brain was going 100 miles an hour). After 2 weeks of this, I finally made an appointment and visited the acupuncturist. He tested for my usual allergies, but he also did some fatigue scans to see how my body responded. Sure enough, there was some energy issues. He placed some needles strategically on my lower legs, tops of feet, chest and head and left me alone to nap for about 30 minutes. I slept like a rock that night, and woke up the next day feeling completely refreshed and ready to tackle my weekend. Did I just need a 30 minute nap to feel better? I don’t think that was the answer, but I sure don’t mind squeezing one in during my sessions.

Since my initial exposure to acupuncture, I’ve referred several friends and family. I truly believe acupuncture is an excellent addition to your existing western medicine treatments, and in some cases may be a better first step than heading straight to the doctor. Each person has to make choices about healthcare services they seek, but if you haven’t given acupuncture a try, it might be worth it to see if you find improved health without taking additional medications.

Have you tried acupuncture before? What did you think about your treatment?

Kendra Sig

Fitspiration: Keeping My Workout Resolutions

My attempt at a bridge.  Ouch.

Remember our New Years Resolutions post and how I needed to really focus on getting my “work-out” on this year?  Well, it’s been tough, but I’ve kept to it…for the past two weeks anyway.  Setting and keeping health and exercise goals is difficult but I’ve found that keeping myself accountable is possible by tracking my progress and leaning on my support group.  And today, I’m going to share with you how I’m staying motivated.

5 miles and a wall hand stand. Double ouch.

Nike+ App – I have been using the Nike+ app for years and have always loved how it tracks my runs.  And now, there is a “Coach” feature which allows you to select training programs depending on your distance and stamina goals.  I’m utilizing the 10K Intermediate Program so I can increase my speed for a 10K and then prepare for a half marathon race.  Oh, and the geek in me loves all of the charts and maps available for every run!  Also, there is a sense of community with this app and you can add other runners and compete with them through different challenges.

Post workout @ the gym with my sister

Gym Buddies a.k.a. People Who Call You Out for Being Lazy – I’m lucky enough to have my sisters and several friends that also have workout goals in mind this year.  With the encouragement of my workout buddies, I’ve found that I have ventured out of my comfort zone and tried several new workout classes at my gym including kickboxing, zumba and core classes.  So, instead of scheduling happy hours with these family members or friends, we are penciling in workouts together.  See how that works?

Tiny hotel workout room? No problem as long as there’s a treadmill!

Plan Ahead – I plan my workouts ahead of time and typically have a run, class or bootcamp session on my calendar five to six days of the week.  I set out my workout clothes every night to avoid wasting time in the mornings.  And this past weekend, we went out of town so I made sure to pack several workout outfits and made it a priority to run on the treadmill at the hotel and then on the beach the next morning.  I focus on short term goals for the week and reflect of progress I am making each day.  I also avoid obsessing over the scale because I know it took almost a year to put on 10 pounds and it could take a while to get it off.

We <3 the beach!  A morning run on the beach was delicious.

Instagram – I love any app that organizes the internet for me.  And I LOVE Instagram because there is a community at my fingertips who cheers my runs, provides encouragement, and keeps me accountable for my progress.  I recently shared my goal dress that I bought from Bloomindale’s on a post and received encouraging words from another runner.  I also use instagram to challenge my sisters to different workouts, including my attempt at a backbend/bridge posted at the beginning of this post.  That’s the competitive streak in me.  Hehe.

red inspiration

I know I have a long way to go before I reach my health goals, but I feel really good about how I’m approaching my exercise routine this year.  Whether it’s running on a Friday night, or waking up at 4:45 AM to make my bootcamp class, I’ve found several ways to keep myself accountable and motivated.  What kind of apps do you use for your workouts?  What keeps you motivated?  Share with us how you say “pass” on happy hour and hit the gym instead.


Elisa Sig

Workout Pants for the Curvy Girl

I’m one of those really smart ladies that ate everything in sight during my first pregnancy and gained almost 70 lbs so, now I have a stomach that seems to jiggle and wiggle no matter what I do.  So when I workout, I have to make sure my workout pants have a TON of support but don’t end up making me look like an overstuffed sausage casing that’s ripped its top.  I’ve had workout pants that I thought looked and felt great until I started to run and they inevitably began to roll down.  I once ran a race where I had to literally hold up my pants so that I wouldn’t end up pantless.  I have been on a mission to find the perfect running and workout pants and have found some favorites along the way. I’ve tried everything from Target brands, to unknown brands, to LuLu Lemon and it all depends on the cut.  My curvy frame requires trial and error for a perfect fit and here’s what I’ve learned: there’s no ONE pant that fits all workout needs so here’s a list of my favorite workout pants depending on the type of workout I’m participating in.

workout pants yoga1
lulu lemon wunder under yoga pants

overall stars

Yoga/Pilates:  LuLu Lemon Wunder Under Crop ($88) – With all the hype around lululemon, I had to try them.  I walked into their local shop and fell in love with their yoga pants when I pulled on those deliciously soft pants in the dressing room and they smoothed out my middle section.  Oh, and they were on SALE.  I paid about half the original price because they were on the clearance rack.

yoga pant

The Wunder Under waist has reinforcement that keeps me in place even in a downward dog pose.  They are not meant for high cardio activity, so your best use out of them will be yoga, pilates or light cardio.  I wear them to yogalates on a regular basis.

workout pants bootcamp1
Target Champion C9 Duo Dry workout pants

4 of 5

Bootcamp class:  Target Champion C9 Duo Dry workout pants ($20) – You may have caught a glimpse of these on the I Wanna Go To Chick Fil A spoof video.  The style I’m wearing is from last season (cost me $13!) so I’ve added the link to something similar.  The key to getting a good fit with the Champion brand is to go a bit smaller in size because the sizing tends to be on the larger side.  I made the mistake of buying running pants there for years in a large and I would have to constantly pull up my pants while I ran.  I finally tried the medium and found they would stay in place while doing high intensity cardio.  Yay!

bootcamp pose

And for the price, these are your best bet for an overall workout pant.  I wear these to my bootcamp class on a regular basis because they stay in place while I’m running, jumping, or doing squat work.

workout pants run
UA Printed Fly-By Capri

5 out of 5

Running:  Under Armour Printed Fly-By Compression capri ($54.99) – These are my absolute favorite workout pants.  I was shopping the sales rack at the local Luke’s Locker during a lunch break and the sales attendant suggested I try these on.  I saw how small they looked and told her they looked way too tiny to fit this booty.  She told me they are compression pants and should be tight and that I should give them a try.  It took me a minute to get them on but when I looked in the mirror I was pleasantly surprised.

running pose 2

I love their crazy design and they also have that mom pooch band in the tummy that holds everything in.  You can find me wearing these on a weekly basis.  And like my other purchases, I got them at a discounted price because they were from the sale rack.

workout pants weight lifting
Fabletics Salar Legging

overall stars

Weight training:  Fabletics Salar Legging (currently selling for $24.97!) – Kate Hudson basically shamed me into getting these pants because her abs are ridiculous and she has had two kids.  I signed up for Fabletics and have not been disappointed with my purchases, especially these pants.


The Salar Leggings not only have a cool ink blot design, but they also have the tummy band and a really soft feel to them.  They can withstand high cardio and I love wearing them to weight training because they protect my legs when I do deadlifts.

workout pants kickbox
NikeCourt Baseline Capri

4 of 5

Kickboxing:  NikeCourt Baseline Capri ($85).  These pants are multi-purpose.  I wear them to all of my workouts and they stay in place and are also comfortable.  They are a tad looser on the waist than my Under Armour pants, so I can wear them on short runs but not runs that last more than 3 miles.  I ran across these at Luke’s Locker and also got them at a discounted rate.

kickboxing pose1

The sales rack is key to my shopping needs!  The flexibility of the NikeCourt Baseline capri makes it an ideal pant for movements in kickboxing class.

Getting back on my workout schedule was part of my New Years Resolutions goals, so it’s important to have my clothes ready in the morning so that I don’t have ANY excuse to skip a workout.  I actually look forward to wearing all of these workout pants!  What are your favorite workout pants?  Are you loyal to certain brands? Let us know in the comments section!


Elisa Sig

2016: 3NonBlondes Make Their Resolutions

It is that time of year again! Each New Year we make plans for the upcoming 365 days – how we will change bad habits, or goals we want to achieve. Not everyone participates in this annual ritual, but I’ve found it is a great way to set my focus for the year. This year I even convinced my blogging cohorts into joining in on the fun. So read on to see the plans we have made for ourselves for 2016.

For me, resolutions are more about putting focus on things in your life. There are so many different directions we have to go in each day, adding focus to just a few areas really helps me to make some progress in those. I try to switch up the focus areas each year, but some of them do repeat while I continue toward my goals. Here are my 2016 focus areas:

1 – Sewing – I really enjoy it, but it tends to get pushed down the to-do list first when things start getting busy. This year I’d like to (finally) finish this skirt I’m working on, plus take a draping course at Petite Atelier. A longer term goal is to construct a top using the skills I learned in the 2nd sewing course I took in 2015.

2 – Health – This is probably going to be a focus every year until I quit making resolutions. My goals are around being more comfortable in my own skin. That includes things like fitting into my pants (hellooooo Christmas meals), eating well so that I feel energized, and getting enough rest. I also need to schedule my first ever mammogram, which I’ve been procrastinating on since late 2015. I’m sure Amanda will be happy to remind me about that one!

3 – Career learning – I put this one in almost every year, but this year I’m going to put my focus toward improving skill sets where I’m weak. I usually focus on achieving a certification in something I enjoy working on, so the studying and testing part is usually fun. However, this year I’m going to tackle some practical networking skills that I’ve long avoided. It will really be an asset in my current job and I’m sure any future position I consider as well. There will probably be a future post about losing my hair trying to understand some concept!

4 – Mindfulness – This one is specifically for when I am spending time with family or friends. My brain is often making to-do lists in the background or worrying about something I need to take care of. Through meditation and practice I hope to put the focus on the people I am with, and not the chores I need to tackle.

Kendra Sig

It has been several years since I made New Year’s resolutions. Not because I lack bad habits or goals, but only because I couldn’t pinpoint exactly how and what I wanted to improve.  This year, it has become very clear to me that I need to focus and have some specific goals for 2016 since 2015 was all over the place.

1- Family – Spending time with my family will continue to be a priority for me.  In the New Year, I want to do things with my family that makes us spend time together while also giving back.  I recently took my seven year-old son to a Meals on Wheels outing through an organization called WeeVolunteer.  They organize volunteering opportunities for preschool and elementary school age kids with local Dallas charitable organizations.  I hope to take Isabella to a volunteer opportunity soon and make it a family outing.

My goal is for my family to volunteer at least once a month.

It’s never too early to show my very spoiled children the world around them is bigger than our very comfortable north Dallas suburb.

meals on wheels
Meals on Wheels Deliveries with Antonio

2 – Health – Ohmyfreakinggosh I have gained at least 10 lbs during the past 8 months.  It’s time to hit the re-set button and focus on the health of my soul, mind and body.  Similar to Kendra’s meditation exercises, I typically start my day by reading a daily scripture from Our Daily Bread.  It helps set the tone of my day.  What I have failed at doing in 2015 is sticking to a regular exercising routine.  I want to continue my bootcamp class and also add a training program for running a half marathon.  I used to run 2 half marathons a year and call myself a “runner”.  I am embarrassed to say the last time I wore my running pants for the actual purpose of running was… around December 20th.  I ran a total of 2.77 miles in December compared to 54.4 miles in August.

Celebrating December 30th: International Bacon Day

Time to get in shape!  And of course the pain in exercising would not be able to pay off if I don’t also eat clean, so I may have to cut back on the bubbly just a tad.

My goal is to run a 10K in the Spring, a half marathon in the Winter, and eat healthy year round.

In the past, I utilized the Hal Higdon Training Program to train for a half marathon.  I will be utilizing Nike+ app as well as the Hal Higdon Training Programs to guide and record my progress.

3 – Career – In the year 2015, my career took some unexpected but welcoming changes.  I changed employers after working for the same company for almost 8 years, for an opportunity that fit all my criteria – compensation, location and flexibility.

It has been an incredible opportunity for me and I want for 2016 to be the year I really prove myself as a tremendous asset to my new company.

To quote Sheryl Sandberg, “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”.  I’m going to lean waaaay in during 2016.

What are your goals and priorities for 2016?  Share your New Year’s resolutions with us in the comments section!


Elisa Sig


I guess my first resolution would be to procrastinate less but seeing as how I am typing this on January 3rd at 11:44pm, hours before we are posting, I guess I already broke that resolution. Actually, I quit making resolutions years ago because I could never keep them. I don’t think I made it even one month with a former resolution. I instead make more of a wish list. Kind of a ‘it would be nice if this actually sticks for a week’ list. So I guess in reality my only resolution I have ever kept would be that I don’t make resolutions. With that being said, I do have some great wishes for 2016.

I wish to be healthier! I know that sounds like everyone else’s resolution but for a girl who couldn’t even sacrifice her addiction of Chick-Fil-A for Lent one year, the struggle is real. I have a very bad habit of not planning a head and then getting hangry and grabbing the closest fast food possible. With the building of the new house and actually trying to save money for the move, I will be working towards planning meals and eating at home more often and maybe even packing a sandwich or two so I am not running to the closest Chick-Fil-A when I get hungry. Besides, my new, beautiful kitchen should be motivation in and of itself. Wish: cook at least 2-3 meals at home each week and take lunches more often.

I wish to fit into my favorite jeans! The old saying ‘fat and happy’ definitely took on a real meaning in 2015 for me.  Before anyone gets their panties in a bunch, I know I am not fat. But I am not healthy. What do they call it these days? Skinny fat? Whatever. I hear all the time that women should “be happy with their body, whatever size.” And yes, I think we should all be more content with our figures, but I know my body and this isn’t “my size.” I have been lucky to be the same size for all of my adult life with the exception of the last year and half or so. I know that we want to have kids soon and I want to be around for them for as long as possible. By working out and doing the previous resolution, I should accomplish two things, be healthy and fit into those jeans that make my butt look awesome! Wish: participate in the bootcamp I am signing up for at least twice a week and walk at least 1-2 times a week.

I wish to grow my friendships! I am lucky to know some of the greatest women in my friend circles. I have also come to realize that there are some friendships that are not beneficial to me. I intend to grow and strengthen the relationships that I feel are reciprocated and spend less time in the drama/one-sided relationships. Then there are those acquaintances that I think will grow into great friendships. The takers are no longer going to waste my time and the givers are going to get more of my time (when my hubby is traveling for work, he usually gets first dibs of my time). Life is too short to be unhappy and I fully intend on being as happy as possible. Also, I am 36, and ain’t nobody got time for drama. Wish: more girls dinners (at home, I will cook!) or more wine nights. 😉

I wish to be consistent with these “wishes”. Maybe by them not being such hard and firm “resolutions” but instead soft and kind “wishes” I will actually be more successful than in years past. I know there will be times when life gets busy but I will do my best this year to get back on the wagon as quickly as possible when I fall off. I know with my family and friends by my side and keeping me accountable I will have a great 2016!

Thank you for being a part of our beginning, here is to a beautiful 2016 with all of our loyal readers. (Thanks moms, dads, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends!)

Cheers,Amanda Sig

Social Media: Don’t Let it Ruin Your Day

Yesterday I had brunch with a good friend I don’t see often enough. He and I have the kind of relationship where we can talk about just about anything, hear each other’s opinions, and still have a great discussion when we don’t see eye to eye. Part of our chat revolved around the posts we are seeing on our various social media accounts and how sometimes they just ruin your day.

There are some great things about social media. I get to see the smiling faces of my friend’s kids more often, or congratulate someone who achieved an amazing goal and shared that on their feed, see the latest viral video of adorable hedgehogs in cupcake tins, and generally keep up with what is happening in all the busy lives of my friends and family. However, sometimes the cons of social media are more prevalent. Late night rants about political events, or sharing links to horrible stories posted by those ridiculous fake news sites, or reading comments left on posts that are just disrespectful – all of these things can add up over time and really take a toll on your attitude. It can even change how you feel about your friends!


It got me thinking – why do I let these posts get to me? Letting someone’s middle of the night rant on Facebook put me in a bad mood first thing in the morning is not a good use of my time. I don’t want to feel like the whole world hates refugees, or that half my friends would move to Canada if a Democrat is elected President (or vice versa), or that I’m less of a person because I was upset about one terrorist attack and posted about it, but didn’t post something on the day of another terrorist attack. All of this crazy on Facebook or Twitter is just overwhelming. Since social media is so prevalent in everyone’s life, this pattern of posting negativity isn’t going to go away. But I can change how I let it into my life.

First – I don’t check Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram in the morning. My alarm goes off and I transition right over to the Insight Timer app and start my daily guided meditation. I’ve already written about how meditation has changed how I start my days, but eliminating social media from that first few hours has helped as well. Second – I’ve started curating my happy place on Instagram. It is full of pictures of schipperkes, motivational photos of fitness celebrities (and regular people too!), beautiful fashion, and fantastic travel photography. What better way to pick up your mood than to see some blue Carribbean waters or maybe even a perfect Tucker cuddle? By curating the content on this photo-centric app, I’ve created a space where I can still see the awesome things in the world, without letting that negativity into my day.

This pup knows how to make a cuddle happen.
This pup knows how to make a cuddle happen.

Third – I put things into perspective. Maybe that person who posted their rather strong opinion on Facebook needed to put that out into the world in order to move on with their day. Perhaps the alternative to making that statement was staying angry, or lashing out at a friend. Maybe they were just having a bad day. Either way, I don’t need to hang on to that person’s emotion or feeling. I can just let it exist and keep on scrolling, looking for another adorable photo of someone’s kids or the latest dog rescue video from Hope for Paws (this guy is seriously amazing).

Making these changes in how I use social media in my life has helped me put those apps back in the category of fun distraction, instead of irritating negative addiction category. If you are feeling a bit bogged down by things you are seeing online, try making a few changes yourself. Maybe even take a break. When you do go back to using these tools, it will make it easier to put those things into perspective and enjoy using them again.

Kendra Sig

*Quick note – 3NonBlondes is moving to a once per week posting schedule for the rest of 2015. Holidays make life busy, so we are taking some steps to allow for more time with family and friends, and less time stressing over creating content and editing photos! We will be back to twice a week posting after the first of the year.

Playbook for Date Night Ideas

Date Night Cozumel
All smiles in Cozumel

After twelve years, two kids, and three dogs, it takes a bit of effort and planning for Michael and I to go out on a Date Night.  It’s funny because we dated in college and then got married and waited about five years to have kids, yet I can’t quite remember what we used to do before the clones came along in a galaxy far, far away…No, but really, one thing my hubs and I are really good at is making time for one another.  Fifteen years ago, I met this shy, quiet nerd in programming class at Texas Tech, and he’s been my best friend ever since.  We love spending time together and because of our crazy busy lives, it takes effort to plan those delicious little date nights.

DSC_8072 copy
Young and Dumb on Wedding Day 2004

I’m going to be honest…sometimes I want a romantic night out with a fancy dinner and time to talk about feelings.  Other times, I’m happy if a date consists of sitting on the couch in my yoga pants putting away pizza and champagne while watching our favorite Netflix shows.  Either way, the point is that we make time to spend with one another to make sure we are connected.  And I’m one of those people that needs to have my craziness balanced by doing a sanity check with my husband.  He’s calm, cool and collected.  To quote the Dixie Chicks, he’s the one “who keeps the world at bay for me”.  I want to share with you some of my favorite Date Night ideas which keep our relationship (and mostly me) from getting lost in our busy lives.

Date Night on Spur of the Moment.  I have the luxury of living a street away from my parents, so I’m going to admit that my setup is more than ideal.  Spontaneity is something that is nearly impossible when you have schedules and kids and demanding jobs, but it is still possible.  For those times, my suggestions for easy Date Nights include the following:

1. Lunch Dates.  I schedule appointments on my calendar for lunch dates with Michael.  That way, we both have our schedules blocked off and can go catch up during a quick lunch break.  We have our “Go To” places because we have been doing this for year so we know how to maximize our time.  It’s always refreshing to bounce an idea off him or share whatever struggle I may be going through that day, and I always have a better afternoon because of it.  During Holidays, we utilize lunch dates to shop for Christmas presents.  Other times, we may need to go to the furniture store without the clones hanging all over the place.  It’s crazy but this type of stuff is fun for us.  Just hanging out with each other looking at stuff.

2. Happy Hour.  Yes!  Instead of going directly home, I’ve found that if I can leave work a little bit early on a Friday and meet Michael at a local bar, we get to spend an hour or so together before our weekend full of activities begins.  That’s heaven.  It’s so simple yet so appreciated to get to escape for a little while, and just enjoy having a conversation without having to take someone to use the bathroom.



3. Movie Night on the Couch a.k.a. “Champagne Sunday”.  This is extremely popular in my circle of friends for obvious reasons (does not require a babysitter!).  The kids go to bed early on Sundays because they need to be ready for another productive week, so we choose to be a little bad on Sundays.  We watch our list of shows (Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Scandal, Big Bang Theory…etc.) and close out the weekend by relaxing with one another.  Please note “Champagne Sunday” does not have to occur on Sundays and can be moved to any day of the week.  Sometimes, we have “Champagne Sunday” on a Thursday.  You just have to be willing to live with the sacrifice the next day.

Date Night with Some Effort.  Every once in a while, the stars align and we get a Saturday evening with absolutely nothing to do and a chance to attend something alone.  For those Date Nights, we love to do the following:

1. Going to the Movies.  Michael and I love the same type of shows and also have the same taste in movies.  It’s a treat for us to go to the local iPic theater (where you can pick your own seat!) and not have to wait in line, and watch a movie together.  We don’t get to go to the movies often so when we do go, we are beyond giddy!  We are both into the same fandoms, so it’s a real treat for us to watch a movie and then spend the rest of the night and the next day talking about it.

Date Night Football
TTU Football Game

2. Attending Concerts/Sporting Events.  Going to a music concert or attending a football game without your kids is magical.  Especially if it includes attending the One Republic concert which is one of both mine and Michael’s all time favorite bands.  I dance like no one is watching so I may have wet myself from dancing so hard to “Lose Myself”.   Concerts can be very pricey so it’s a real treat if we get to see an artist we both like.  On the same note, attending sporting events together is also a good way to have Date Night.  Michael and I are both Texas Tech alumni so we love cheering on the Red Raiders at football games.

DSC_7322 copy
Apparently, our favorite outfits for 2015

3. Piggybacking on Work Events.  The best thing about turning a work event into Date Night is that it is usually cost and time effective!  I used to work for a company that would host Christmas parties at extravagant locations like the Flight Museum and the Dallas Symphony.  They made for a romantic backdrop to a night out alone.  Sure, it’s still a “work function”, but we made the best of it.

Date Night Long Term Planning Required.  I would consider these types of Date Nights more like very strategically planned vacations or events.

Using the GoPro in Hawaii

1. Just Us Vacations.  These are not only fun to attend, but all of the build up and anticipation leading up to the date is also exciting.  We went to Hawaii for our 10 year wedding anniversary and planned it about six months in advance.  Anytime we were feeling frustrated over the pressures of life, we would look at each other and say, “Hawaii!!!!”.  We spent a week away from work, kids, and everything in between and it was amazing.  Every once in a while, we saw families with small children and felt a twinge of guilt.  Then, we would laugh and talk about how relaxed we felt at that moment.  Plus, those babies were in good hands (thanks Mom and Dad).

Date Night Wedding
Cozumel Wedding Week

2. Weddings.  The last few weddings we have attended have presented opportunities for us to decide on whether we should take the kids, or not?  Well, we chose to go alone.   Amanda decided to have a destination wedding so we planned to attend her Cozumel wedding as a party of two.  Again, it was an opportunity for us to travel somewhere and have a grown-up vacation.

Date Night Valentine
Valentineapalooza 2015

3. Holidays/Anniversaries.  Valentine’s Day is a staycation for us.  Five years ago, we decided to make Valentine’s Day the holiday where we get together with our sisters and their spouses make a whole weekend out of it!  We pick a fancy restaurant (usually nearby) and then go out dancing.  We usually finish out the night by staying in a hotel in town and then waking up to a late brunch the next day.  Our sisters have young kids too so this is a real treat for everyone.

No matter how busy life gets, I need to feel like my time with Michael is there.  I love our kids and our wonderful and crazy life, but sometimes it’s just gotta be “us”.  How do you plan Date Night?  Let us know how often you and your lover plan Date Nights and what kinds of activities (PG!) you do.


Elisa Sig