Elisa & Babyzilla Makeup Tutorial!

We’re on YouTube people!!  You know how I recently fell in love with makeup and all things wonderful for face beauty?  Well, now Babyzilla has joined in the fun so we decided to do a beginner’s makeup tutorial and share with you on YouTube how we get ready everyday.  Disclaimer…I don’t let Babyzilla wear makeup everyday, she’s only allowed to “play” makeup with me and sticks to chap sticks and glosses on a regular basis.  After all, she’s only three and I want to keep her that way!

This was such a fun video to make and only afterwards when I was editing did I realize how expressive Babyzilla’s face is.  Sassy pants all the way!  I hope you like our “look” and at your request, we would be happy to do more makeup tutorials or any kind of Mommy and Me videos you may want to see of me and Babyzilla.

Babyzilla makeup
Our completed look…I still think that lipstick looks better on Babyzilla!
Babyzilla makeup 2
Get out of my spotlight Mama!

Below is the list of our beauty products:

What’s your daily makeup routine?  Do you have any tips and tricks for us?  Do you play “makeup” with your daughter?  Share in the comments section and enjoy the video!


Elisa Sig

My Favorite Things: The DryBar

DryBar12 copy

Despite my girly appearance, I don’t have a lot of time for girly upkeep.  If you look closely, I probably have bushy eyebrows because I pluck them myself, my toes may or may not be manicured, my nails are probably not painted and most likely, my roots are showing.  It takes an exorbitant amount of time to keep up with de-hairing, painting, and coloring yourself into a flawless woman.  And, if you are like me, you probably strategically wash your hair on certain days (preferably gym days) and wear it for 2 to 3 days thanks to dry shampoo!  (Back in the day, we used to use baby powder.)  “Hair Washing Day” is a big, fat, pain in the rear and takes up ridiculous amounts of time.  So, you can imagine how  giddy I was to discover a place called the DryBar where you can go for a blowout.  So, what is a blowout you ask?  The website has a fancy definition but it’s basically what your grandmother used to do back in the 50’s.  You go to the salon and  you get your hair washed and styled according to different styles on their menu and get to wear that style for several days.  This is one of my guilty pleasures.

vintage beauty salon

Here’s why I LOVE going to get a good blowout at DryBar

It’s Affordable and Quick.  A basic blowout costs $40.  You can get extra add-ons like extra time getting your scalp massaged or throw in a hair mask, but all blowouts cost a base of $40.  They also have blowouts for little girls ages 3 to 10 called Shirley Temples for a mere $28.  That’s hard to beat at a regular salon.  Especially in Dallas.  You can book a session through their website or get the app and not have to worry about calling the salon.  And since a session is under an hour long, you can take an appointment during your lunch break and return to work with fabulous hair!  Salon hours are typically from 8 AM to 8 PM.

The Founder Alli Webb.  You can read all about how the DryBar got started and I have a lot of respect for the founder, Alli Webb.  She has put her heart and soul into creating the vision of the DryBar and her 10 Core Values include kindness, family and family.  Can she please be my friend?  The concept of DryBar has been duplicated by many others and she continues to lead the charge in the industry.  More power to you girlfriend!

I recently took my 11 year-old niece and my 3 year-old Babyzilla to their first visit to the DryBar and it was magical!   Those hair stylists are amazing!  So, here’s a little sneak peek at what you can expect when you visit the DryBar.  Both girls chose the Cosmo style.

1. Wash.  A nice head massage as you get your hair washed by a lovely hair stylist.  This may be my favorite part.  I absolutely hate washing my hair and having someone else do the job for me is like Christmas in my book.


2. Blow-dry.  Next, you will sit in front of a large flat screen TV and watch girly movies (Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Mean Girls, etc.) while your lovely stylist blow dries your hair.  At this point, you will receive champagne, soda, or any other drink of choice.  Your hair station also has plugins for phone chargers or laptops in case you are having a working lunch.


3. Straighten.  After a good blowout, your stylist will take a flat iron or a large brush to smooth out your hair.  You will think your hair looks fabulous at this point, but the best is yet to come…


4. Curls.  The last part of the DryBar experience for a Cosmo style is for your stylist to curl your hair into magnificent and voluminous ringlets.  Perfect for any occasion!


5. Confidence. I can’t tell you how good these girls felt getting their hair done.  They bounced out of the salon with huge smiles on their faces, and I was so happy to have shared this special experience with them.  Sometimes, we just have to spoil ourselves by getting pampered and spending quality time together with a daughter, niece or friend.  I’m thinking a gift certificate to the DryBar would be a good stocking stuffer for several ladies I know.





What kinds of experiences do you share with your daughter, niece or friends?  I would love to hear your ideas!


Elisa Sig


Beauty Tip: Shave Your Face

woman shave face
This is pretty much what I look like when I shave.

Yup, you read that correctly. Shave. Your. Face. No, not because you have a beard or mustache but because shaving and red wine keep you young. Ok I don’t really know about the red wine part but because I put it on the internet, now it is true.

Before you think I am crazy (although you probably already do) let me explain how I began, what I have learned, and why I do this crazy routine about once a month.

Like all good life advice, I learned this from Caroline Manzo from Real Housewives of New Jersey. (You can stop the video around 1:05, you will get the idea.) Being that I have struggled with my skin most of my teens and 20’s, I was intrigued. There isn’t much I haven’t done to my skin in hopes that it will one day cooperate and look like those air brushed models in ads. So naturally I Googled ‘women shave face’ and found several articles and links to how and why this would be a good idea for women.

The top 3 things you can do to keep your skin healthy and beautiful are exfoliate, wear sunscreen, and drink wine water. When exfoliating, you are ridding your top layers of skin dead and allowing all those expensive creams to actually be their most effective.

If you think Caroline Manzo and I shouldn’t be the voice of reason for shaving your face, Kate Somerville, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, and allegedly Cleopatra have all shaved their faces. Dermatologists and beauty experts will tell you the quickest way to get wrinkles is to not protect your skin and to not exfoliate. All that dead skin will settle into those fine lines and make you look years older than you are. I read an article years ago where a dozen or more dermatologists and plastic surgeons were interviewed and asked what they would do differently for their skin that they didn’t know to do when they were younger. EVERY LAST ONE said they would exfoliate and wear sunscreen. Some said they would use a retinol which is a chemical version of exfoliation but can leave you dry. So if that isn’t enough motivation to exfoliate, I don’t know what else to tell you.

There are multiple articles for and against using basically the same razor you use to shave your legs. Others think you need a special little face razor called The Tinkle but I think the beauty industry and the razor industry have enough money so I fully support using whatever razor is within reach if you want. I prefer to use the disposable ones and keep one in my drawer by the sink that is specifically for my face. Mainly because who wants to shave their face with the same razor they shave their bikini line with?!!?

You can shave wet or dry, I prefer to lather on a little face wash so I can convince myself I am doing double duty but you can go dry if you want. I prefer to shave against the grain and up because that is how I was taught to shave my legs, others say go down. Either way, take quick, short strokes and take your time the first few shaves until you are comfortable with the process. I was a little nervous my first time but watched a couple YouTube videos and then went for it.

What I have learned.

  • I can save $75-100 for a Dermaplaning facial and get almost the same results at home for the cost of a disposable razor.
  • It is the most effective exfoliating option I can do at home.
  • My face tends to have fewer break outs and millia when I am consistent.
  • Make-up goes on and stays on much better.
  • Don’t try to do it in the shower when you are in a hurry and don’t have a mirror. I may or may not have accidentally shaved off part of my eye brows once. Thankfully I have to pencil them in everyday to begin with so I could fill in the gap and not look like this.
    This never looked good, not even on Vanilla Ice


Have you ever tried shaving your face? What do you think? If not, will you try it now?

Amanda Sig