Moving is Fun….Said No One Ever!

I am in the process of my second move in about 6 months and the amount of boxes have got me all….

crazy lady shooting gun

We moved into a temporary home while our new home was being built and since we didn’t unpack most of the boxes from the first move I thought the second move would be easier, ha, bullsh!t. It still sucks. I wish I had it in me to be humorous about this move but there is nothing fun or funny about moving. And since the boxes are piling up and the exhaustion is making me feel a little bit like…


…so this will be a quick post but hopefully a helpful one. If you are in the process of a move or getting ready for one, here are my somewhat helpful tips, hopefully. If you aren’t in the middle of a move, then I don’t like you.

  • Find boxes on a local FB page or Craigslist. Some people will offer them for free, others will charge you but usually it is a very reasonable price. Only buy specialty boxes if you must for large or odd shaped items.
  • Wrap and protect things that you can with towels and sheets. Grab a couple of mattress bag from Amazon.
  • I highly recommend these foam padding sheets, they can be torn super easy and provide good cushion to protect those 4 sets of grandmas china.
  • I picked up these labels, but I think buying regular Avery labels in different colors and printing them yourself to fit your needs might be easier.
  • This wrap stuff helps keep things together so they don’t get separated from each other during transit.
  • Keep a supplies box handy with a box cutter, tape, labels, ziplock bags for small items, an allen wrench set, phillips and flat head screw driver, and a small notepad and pen for making notes of things you need from Home Depot/Target/Grocery Store/The Container Store.
  • A tool belt will help keep all these items handy and on you when you are packing so you aren’t constantly going in circles looking for things.

me and belt

  • Do your homework on moving companies, make sure you find a good one that has good reviews, a good BBB score, and is insured. We like to make sure there are donuts when the movers arrive and cold water or Gatorade, keep em happy and then they will take care of you.
  • Lastly, keep the alcohol out. You will need it, moving is a bitch.

What tips do you have to make moving as painless as possible? Maybe I should have written this before I moved to make life a little easier.

Amanda Sig


Moving To The Suburbs: Major Life Changes


So getting married last year has led to a lot of firsts. The biggest and newest adventure is selling my (our) adorable home in the city and making the move to the suburbs. Why in the world would we do something so crazy?!?! Well before you write me off as someone you won’t be coming to visit anymore since I am outside of the 635 bubble or past Northwest Highway, let me explain our crazy life plan and why we would forgo the city for the suburbs.

First thing I wanted when I bought the house we currently live in (while I was single) was a great place for entertaining. I wasn’t concerned where my future off spring would be going to school. Now that kids (fingers crossed) are in our near future, we knew that the current school district wouldn’t cut it for us. Of course there are the options of attempting for a transfer into one of the better schools close by or private school but we don’t have the connections to get into said schools and private schools are just as much as a mortgage in some places. The schools in the suburbs around Dallas rank significantly higher than those in DISD and our new suburb is no exception.

Small Town Girl In The Big City.
While I have greatly loved living in Dallas since I left my hometown in 2002, the hubby and I both agree we want that small town feel for our kids that we grew up with. I think that is something some of the suburbs can offer that I don’t know for certain the big city could. I want our future clones to be able to walk down the street to a friends house or 10 blocks down with their friends to the shopping center and buy candy like I was able to do in Lubbock.


More House For The Money.
I do think we live in much larger houses than necessary this day in age compared to what our parents grew up in and the generations before them. But there is something to be said for more space when both of us work out of the house and would like our own offices. Plus it is an added bonus that when our parents come to visit they will feel like guests and not like college kids who have to sleep in separate rooms. Sorry mom and dad, hang in there, the new house will have a king sized bed for your sleeping convenience. The new house we are currently in the process of building is double in size (and a little more in mortgage) but if we wanted to get into the better school districts in Dallas we would be looking at more than triple the mortgage for the same square footage and finishes. Plus, having a little more land will be an added bonus.

Where Are We Moving?
We chose a suburb that is about a 30 minute drive back ‘into town.’ Dallas has been extremely fortunate to not have taken as big a hit as the rest of the country during the down turn a couple of years ago but with that comes the draw for corporations to relocate their offices to Dallas. The Big D is getting 7 new corporations moving into the north Dallas area in the next couple of years and most of them are going north, so we are going east. Our hope is that our soon-to-be new home town will remain somewhat small and not be as affected by the coming boom that seems inevitable.

What Will I Miss?
NorthPark Mall, the mom and pop restaurants, the boutiques, and the conveniences of everything close by that I could possibly need or want. That being said, I am sure I will have fun finding the little hole in the wall restaurants and I know that our new home town will have all the same conveniences as Dallas. If not, thankfully Amazon delivers. However, I can’t possibly replace NorthPark. I think my husband and my pocket book will be happy I am not so close to my favorite place on earth.

So where do you live? City or Suburb? What is it that you like about where you live?

Look for my next post on how to pack and move in two weeks because your house sold for cash way faster than you had expected!

Amanda Sig