My Favorites: Ashley and The Polkadot Alley Boutique

Having lived most of my life in Dallas suburbs, I never thought I would be saying, “Yay, I can’t wait to go shopping in Lubbock!”.  I met my wonderful husband while attending Texas Tech in Lubbock, so we travel there often to visit family and attend football games, but I never dreamt I would be itching for a trip to Lubbock so I could go on a shopping spree at The Polkadot Alley Boutique.

My college friend and sorority sister, Ashley, is the founder and let’s-be-frank “mastermind” of a little gem in the West Texas desert called The Polkadot Alley and has been on this journey since 2008.  I’m proud to know and support this woman-owned business because I’ve seen Ashley follow her dream and work tirelessly to support a business that takes time and dedication.  She is also a loving wife and mother with three precious children, so you can say she’s an inspiration and role model to all.  Ashley has been so successful with her online store and storefront boutique that The Polkadot Alley has been featured not only on the local Lubbock news and TTU Alumni magazine, but also in worldwide news publications like The New York Times.  The internet boutique business is booming, and Ashley was there at its inception, helping to bring fashion to young (and not-so-young) ladies all over the states!


Even though the models featured in The Polkadot Alley are geared towards the college crowd, do not let this deter you from exploring all of the wonderful pieces they have to offer!  And if you are in the Lubbock area, go visit her boutique where you can browse the fabulous store, and maybe she will let you peek at the warehouse in the back where she has tons of racks of shopping heaven!  I’ve been known to get lost back there for hours.  Hehe…

I want to share with you some of my favorite summer and fall looks from my recent shopping sprees at The Polkadot Alley and introduce you to Ashley’s wonderful store:

Blog Summer Outfit
I LOVE Summer!!!

The Pink Romper.  I know what you’re thinking, rompers can be super scary.  I picked this romper out for fellow 3NonBlonde Amanda to try on and she threw it back over the fitting room to me.  I thought, “Why not?” and proceeded to squeeze into this amazingly flattering shorts romper.  I immediately loved this romper because it has a flirty hemline that gives it a little more length so that my booty doesn’t hang out the back.  Ashley’s store has tons of romper selections, but this has been my favorite so far.

This romper pattern reminds me of fireworks!

The Crop Top.  This is the first legit crop top I have bought and worn in my life!  Ashley carries it in like 5 other colors and I’m regretting not getting one in each.  I have received tons of compliments on this crop top and have worn it with a black pencil skirt and also with shorts.  It’s an easy piece to dress up or dress down and the neckline has a beautiful embroidered pattern on it.  The Polkadot Alley has a store full of crop tops and now that I’ve mastered my confidence in them, I know I’ll be looking for more.

Crop tops for work? Yes!
IMG_6144 copy
And also appropriate for Cancun!

Two Dresses for Any Season.  One of the many reasons I love The Polkadot Alley is they have many color and length choices.  Sure, I love short minis and dresses, but now that I’m 36(!), I am acutely aware of office and leisure appropriate clothing.  This is exactly what I was thinking when I spotted this delicious coral dress that hits the knee.  Ashley has it in like five different colors and also in a floor length style.  I’m too short for floor length, so I fell in love with this length because I could easily throw a cardigan or blazer on it and dress it up for work.  It’s a great color for any season.  The other dress I feel in love with was this 60’s inspired white dress with flower detail.  I traveled for work recently and wore it on a plane ride and it was pretty comfortable.  It’s a perfect A-line and doesn’t cinch but also doesn’t make you look frumpy.  It’s perfect!

This color is yummy.
Why yes! I am auditioning for Madmen!
Blog Fall Outfit
Fierce for fall

The T-shirt Dress(es).  Finding two t-shirt dresses that fit in length and width was a miracle in itself.  I am really thanking the fashion Gods the flared dress look is in this season.  It helps me find pieces that fit without worrying about things being way too small.  Anyway, the plum dress I found has pockets, which I love!  The black t-shirt dress is just so soft I want to live in it.  I bought it this weekend and have already worn in three times.  The week is not over, I may wear it again!  The versatility of the t-shirt dress is the reason I convinced myself to get both of them.  I can already picture throwing on a pair of boots, scarf, and moto jacket to make them fall worthy.

Comfort, pockets and style…
I want to live in this dress. It’s super soft.
Perfect gameday dress!

I hope you enjoyed learning about The Polkadot Alley and find yourselves furiously searching the website for a new outfit!  Let us know if you have previously shopped at any online boutiques or if you have shopped at The Polkadot Alley.  I would love to hear your comments!

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Online Store

Happy shopping!


Elisa Sig

My Favorite Work Outfits: Stylish Summer Dresses


I want to wear my yoga pants all day everyday….but since the effect of my not-so-tiny heinie would be too much for corporate America, my outfit of choice during the summer season is a dress.  Dresses are so versatile and can fit and flatter any body shape and size, and also provide just enough breeze to keep cool in the heat. Plus, I have your typical curvy hourglass figure so I practically live in dresses because there are so many suitable options out there.  And, dresses are so easy!  Here are some tips to consider when choosing the right dress for the office:

Company culture.  Be conscious of office “norms”.  You don’t want to walk into a conservative corporate office in your favorite maxi if it will make you stand out in a negative way.  Instead, be bold with accessories or shoes to show your personality while choosing the perfect dress.

Length.  Cover your booty.  I have been known to push the envelope on length, but if you are questioning your skirt length, err on the side of conservative.  I tend to stick to right above the knee or right at the knee.  If your skirt is midway up your thigh when you sit down then it’s probably best to keep that as weekend attire.

Style.  Your dress should make you feel like a movie star.  Have fun with it and choose dresses that you will be comfortable in all day long.  Try to stay away from dresses that are too form fitting and leave nothing to the imagination.  There’s a reason why Victoria’s Secret is no longer selling “work attire”.  Instead, think of the versatility you have when wearing a dress.  Throw on a blazer or cardigan for a more formal look.  Wear sandals to dress it down.

Smile.  A smile is the best accessory you can wear with anything.  Be confident and say “Thank you” when you receive compliments on your awesome style.  After all, you are probably rocking it!

Where is your favorite place to go dress shopping??  Let us know on the comments below!
My “Yes” choices:
Formal – White House Black Market dress and Banana Republic blazer

White House Black Market dress and Banana Republic blazer

Work Outfit 3a
Everyday dress – White House Black Market

White House Black Market dress (similar)

Casual Friday – Old Navy sundress

Similar dress to my Old Navy sundress from last season.

Here are my “No” choices, obviously way too short and/or too tight.


DSC_1952 copy


Elisa Sig